Client’s Representative

Project Guidance
Guidance of the Project from Start to Finish.

Problem Solving
Identifying and Solving Problems arising during the Project.

Analysis of Requirements
Analysis of all the Requirements in the Project.

Project Administration
Administration of the Project Activities.

Project Reporting
Reporting on Project Activities and Progress.

Co-ordination of Stakeholders
Co-ordination and Communications with the Stakeholders in the Project.

Co-ordination of Project Activities
Co-ordination and aligning of all Project Activities.

Supervision of Sub-Contractors
Supervision of the Project Sub-Contractors activities.

Compliance with Specifications
Checking and reporting compliance with the Specifications.

Compliance with Quality Requirements
Checking compliance with Quality Requirements.

Co-ordinating Site Activities
Co-ordination of all Project Site Activities.

Site Reporting
Reporting on Site Activities to the Client.

Looking after the Clients interests in a Project by effective and timely monitoring of Project activities.