Remote Project Management

Increasingly, Clients are seeing the benefits of Remote Project Management in their Projects, not only in cost savings but also in flexibility, the ability to adapt to change and the better co-ordination of resources.

What is Remote Project Management?
Remote Project Management is the running of a Project from a location that may be different from where the main Project activities are being carried out.

How does this work?
When Project Teams and work centres are in different locations, management and co-ordination of Project activities can best be served by centralising the Project Management.

Which of the traditional Project Management functions will be affected by Remote Project Management?
In many projects, especially those spread out nationally or internationally, Project Management activities can be undertaken from a location that is remote from the main work centre.

Communication in a Project may be made at meetings, or by letter, phone, email and video conferencing and as a large proportion of communication is carried out without the need to meet other team members and Stakeholders face to face, this can be made from a remote location.

There will still be a need to meet with Stakeholders and Team members at key moments in the Project and initial and periodic meetings of the Project team should be encouraged to develop team relationships.

Remote Project Management combined with effective communication is an ideal solution for Project work in multi-locations.